Stay on top of business performance

Get the information you need to understand performance and make impactful decisions fast with Xplor Gym. Always up-to-date, complete, and accurate. Whether you have one club or are a multi-site operator, Xplor Gym has powerful reporting capabilities that can be customised to suit your needs.

Better decision making with gym reporting software

Quick access

A variety of dashboards let you instantly see how your fitness business is performing. Identify and get on top of trends fast.

See what’s important

Customise your homepage dashboard to see the metrics you care about immediately. Running your business just got easier!

Dig deeper

When you need to create a detailed report or investigate trends in depth, it’s easy to get the data you need from your software.

Quick dashboards & detailed reports

As an all-in-one gym management software solution, Xplor Gym makes it easy to get the data you need to make timely business decisions. Know exactly how you are performing at a glance. And get detailed reports when you need them.

Customisable homepage dashboard

Instant access to the KPIs that matter

Every business owner and manager is different. That’s why we made our quick access dashboard customisable. So, you see the stats that matter most to you as soon as you login to your gym reporting software.

View performance data for the day, week, or month. Select the metrics you want to see – new prospects, active members, cancellations, bookings, visits, sales, and more. You can even choose to add the weather to your dashboard to see how it impacts performance.

Bookings & visits

Understand how each class in your studio schedule performs to build a successful programme that your members love. Xplor Gym lets you quickly see how members book each class – online or via your team. And spot trends in when members book.

See which classes have the highest attendance and no-show rates. Then track trends overtime as you take action to improve attendance.

Track visits across your business. Understand your busiest and quietest times each day of the week. See how many of your membership base visit each week – how many unique visits. And much more!

Membership payments

Membership payments are essential income for most gyms and fitness clubs. As Xplor Gym offers embedded membership payments with full support, all your data is in your software. Always accurate and up to date. That makes it easier to track and forecast payments performance.

As well as giving you access to detailed data for reporting on and forecasting for membership payment collections, Xplor Gym gives you a handy dashboard of KPIs. Track successful collections, resubmissions, and rejections each month. Identify members without a Direct Debit mandate and follow up to avoid missed payments. Understand rejection rates and reasons. See a quick collection forecast for future months to anticipate revenue.

Financial performance

Measure revenue across all sources

Get fast access to financial KPIs with Xplor Gym’s dedicated financial performance dashboard. See sales and monthly payments income. And understand sales performance by product type and family. Plus, track the success of promotional offers.

Get a monthly overview of income and compare monthly performance year-on-year. Understand sales by channel (e.g., website, kiosk, back office). Track monthly Direct Debit income for memberships and bolt-ons with a year-on-year comparison.

See which type of product (e.g., registration fee, entry pass, shop purchases) generates the most income each month. And track the performance of promotional offers by usage and income associated.

Detailed reporting capabilities

Deep dive into key performance metrics

As well as offering a variety of dashboards within the platform, Xplor Gym reporting software lets you create management exports.

These help you dig deeper into performance across all levels of your business. Use exports to understand your members better and improve your offering. Or to follow up with groups of members who need extra attention (e.g., those at risk of cancelling). And monitor financial and accounting numbers.

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