Automatically manage access

Staying in control of who can enter your facilities, and when they can enter, can be time consuming. With gym check in software a part of the Xplor Gym all-in-one system, you can set up rules across your business to remain in control.

Provide seamless access to members, so they are not left unduly waiting to get into your facilities. Plus, track visit information to understand usage patterns.

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Best-in-class gym check in software

Automate access control

Fully integrated access control makes managing access easy. Let members seamlessly make use of their membership.

Stay in control of your facilities

Your gym member check in software should flex to suit you. Create custom access rules. Manage access across all facilities from one place.

Track and measure attendance

Get detailed, live data on member access and attendance. Giving you valuable information for upsell, cross-sell, and more.

Centrally and automatically control access across your business

Whether you have 1 or 100+ clubs, Xplor Gym lets you manage access across your facilities without heavy lifting. Make access easy for members, while preventing unauthorised entry. Get the data you need to understand attendance patterns and habits.

Flexible access control rules

Create rules to automate access control

Access your software on a responsive web-based platform from any device – desktop, tablet, or phone. So, you can manage access across all your facilities, whenever you need to, from one easy to use place.

Create rules to automatically manage access as memberships start, are suspended and end. Set up access to address missed payments. And as soon as a catch-up payment is made, grant the impacted member access.

24-hour gym access software

Support 24/7 access

Does your gym offer, or are you looking to offer, members 24/7 access? You need 24-hour gym software that helps keep your club and members secure, even when you have minimal staff.

With customised access rules, powered by real-time member data, you can rest assured that Xplor Gym makes it easy to go 24/7. Avoid unauthorised access. Know exactly who is in your club at all times – even overnight.

Access control technology

Make access frictionless for members

Difficulties accessing your facilities can have a detrimental impact on a member’s experience. Fitness centre check in software with automated access control rules, that’s powered by live data, makes it straightforward for members to use their membership.

Xplor Gym includes embedded payments and makes it easy for members to catch up on missed payments online at any time. And that means members can immediately get back into your gym and begin using their membership again.

Integrate dynamic QR codes for access into your mobile app. Preventing code sharing and fraudulent access to your facilities. Plus, this makes it easy to let new members start using their membership straight away with real-time code assignment and mobile access.

Tracking & reporting

Better understand attendance and visits

Get live, detailed information on member access and attendance. Use this to make informed operating decisions. And use it to power your member engagement efforts.

Understand common visit patterns across your business. Identify busy and quiet times. See which facilities are most and least in demand. Use these insights to adjust your open hours, create appealing membership packages, make changes to your facilities, and more.

Track visits, activity preferences and other access data. Use marketing automation tools within the same system as your gym check in software to automatically target members who have not visited recently.

Tailor marketing campaigns to suit a member’s habits and preferences. Recommend relevant classes. Showcase products and services that will complement their habits.

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