Download the case study to learn why The Green Gym Group partnered with Xplor Gym for an all-in-one gym management software solution that eliminates billing inaccuracies and improves member experiences.

The Brighton-based Green Gym Group is an innovative independent gym established to help people take care of their health without harming the planet. With almost 400 members, the gym is a friendly, judgement-free, and affordable place for everyone.

Time-consuming data inconsistencies

Using on-premises gym management software and a separate membership payments platform, the Green Gym Group was faced with challenges that made running the business tough.

The owner-operated business would see different data in each system. And this caused confusion over who had and hadn’t paid. This led to time spent investigating what was going on and often a poor experience for the impacted member.

“As a small, independent, affordable gym, it’s really important that members meet their membership obligation. Members would call up to cancel and the payments portal would say that they’d not paid for previous months, yet members would tell me they’d paid. So, I’d have to spend time phoning up the payments provider to clarify.

Often, I’d be told that the member had paid. This made it challenging for members choosing to cancel and created the illusion that the gym was trapping them – which was not the case – and risked a negative impression of the business.

It’s important that a member has just as good an experience when their journey ends as when it began.”

Andy Little, Managing Director, Green Gym Group

Eliminating discrepancies with a single cloud-based solution

Realising it was time to change systems, and having reviewed other all-in-one gym management software solutions, the Green Gym Group decided to switch to Xplor Gym.

With embedded membership payments, Xplor Gym gives the business accurate payments information to better measure performance and support members when cancelling. Plus, it makes automation of communications easy.

As well as reliably showing when members have paid, with Xplor Gym I can see when a Direct Debit fails. I can also use the email and SMS automation tools to let those who’ve stopped paying before their membership has ended know and explain what to do next.

This makes it easier to provide a positive leaving experience without needing to charge for failed payments.”

Andy Little, Managing Director, Green Gym Group

By partnering with Xplor Gym, the Green Gym Group has:

  • Saved time and cut workload with up-to-date and accurate payments data
  • Improved the full member experience
  • And a proactive support team on hand to help the business succeed

“The Xplor Gym team helps answer the questions I have fast. As a gym owner, time management is crucial to my success, so being able to ping over an email to a responsive team is invaluable.

The level of support I get from Xplor Gym is what customer service should be about. It’s what I strive to deliver to my members. This is testament to the effort the support team goes to.”

Andy Little, Managing Director, Green Gym Group

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 16 April 2024

Last updated: 16 April 2024