More sales, less admin

Every penny counts when you’re running a fitness business. That’s why Xplor Gym makes it easy to make sales across your business.

Get a gym POS system within your software that makes selling easier. Sell products and services, manage memberships, offer session bundles, run promotions and more. All from one intuitive solution that helps increase sales. And reduce time-consuming admin work.

Boost your revenue with gym POS features

Sell more products & services

With an integrated fitness POS system, Xplor Gym makes it easy to sell products and services. Plus, track inventory to control stock levels.

Increase collection rates

Trust proven processes to reliably collect membership payments. Plus, our team and technology will save you time and resource by managing billing.

Track performance

Rely on a solution with gym POS software features to get all the insights you need to track sales performance. Make impactful decisions to drive sales and enhance member experiences.

Everything you need to manage sales, memberships and more

Do you want to grow your business without barriers? We’re here to help. Xplor Gym brings you best-in-class technology that gives you gym POS software and so much more. Build a solution that fits the exact needs of your business and members. That includes selling your way.

Integrated gym POS system

Make sales across your business

Whether you are an independent gym owner with one site or a multi-site operator, Xplor Gym makes it easy to sell products and services. Set up a product or service once and roll it out over all or selected sites automatically.

Create and sell day passes. Take bookings and payment for individual classes and activities. Design bundle packages for classes and other sessions for a boutique style offering. Sell bundles as an addition or alternative to a standard membership.

Member billing & payments

Manage membership billing

With embedded membership payments, you can rely on Xplor Gym to handle billing for you. Increasing revenue collection. And decreasing time consuming admin work for your team.

Create flexible billing schedules to suit your business and members. Offer add-on purchases when members join and for existing members. Plus, get a gym membership POS system that lets you create promotions with ease. All increasing sales.

Stop chasing overdue and missed payments. Let our trusted processes, technology, and team do it for you.
We’ll help you increase collection rates (and revenue). And answer any billing questions your members have via our state-of-the-art contact centre. So, you have happy members who keep coming back for longer.

Inventory management

Stay on top of stock

There are so many opportunities to increase revenue across your business. All by selling items your members want and need for their visit.

Simple equipment like yoga mats and resistance bands. Workout gear like t-shirts and sweatshirts (even better with your brand). Nutritional supplements like protein shakes and bars. Whatever you want to sell, you’ll need to manage stock.

Track stock levels and report on sales to understand what your members are buying.


Measure sales performance with ease

With all your membership and sales information in one place, you’ll be able to quickly measure sales across your business.

See what inventory you have across your business. Understand sales of products, services, memberships and more. Identify your top sales people so you can recognise and reward performance. Find focus areas for training – like enquiry handling, conversion etc.

A configurable homepage dashboard gives you the metrics that matter most to you as soon as you login. Plus, a comprehensive set of pre-built reports provide insights. No need to spend hours manipulating data.
Plus, make informed membership pricing strategy decisions. Track member lifetime value, retention rates, and more. So, you can find ways to keep members coming back and increase profitability.

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