Download the case study to find out how YGym quickly switched to Xplor Gym – making daily tasks simple, gaining flexibility to adjust membership types, prices and offers fast, and improving member communications.

Operated by YMCA Black Country Group and located in West Bromwich, YMCA Western Gateway is home to the YGym. With a state-of-the-art gym, dance studio & sports hall, YGym serves around 800 members. Plus, offers roughly 20 classes a week.

Time for a change – a simple switch

YGym was given the opportunity to see Xplor Gym in action. Recognising the benefits of upgrading to a modern, intuitive all-in-one gym management solution, the gym operator decided it was time to make the change to a new software.

Switching was straightforward. YGym was given a clear understanding of all key dates and what the transition would involve. The move was faster than expected and with limited day-to-day impact on the team and members.

“Constant communication and being able to ask any questions that come up is vital when moving to a new solution. The biggest positive was how fast the Xplor team responded to questions, concerns, and issues. Everything was addressed and resolved quickly. We were given clear dates and details of what would happen. From signing the contract, we were able to switch quickly and were never left waiting.”

Luke Tyler, Head of Health and Wellbeing Services, YMCA Black Country Group

Better experiences for staff and members

Since launching Xplor Gym in September 2022, YGym has seen benefits for its team and members, such as:

  • Daily tasks have been made simple with a straightforward club management solution
  • Team members can access all the information they need to help members in one place
  • New membership types and prices, as well as promotional codes, can be added directly by the team whenever needed
  • The digital member self-service area makes it easy to manage their membership and to book classes
  • Member communications have been improved with use of targeted, personalised emails and text messages

With software that makes life easier for YGym and its members, the organisation can focus on supporting its community.

“I appreciate how simple and effective Xplor Gym is – it’s not over complicated and gives us the functionality we need to succeed. It’s easy to learn, new staff members have completed the basic training in 10 minutes on their first shift.

I’d recommend Xplor Gym to other gym operators because of how simple it is. It has everything you need without unnecessary complication.”

Luke Tyler, Head of Health and Wellbeing Services, YMCA Black Country Group

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 16 January 2023

Last updated: 09 April 2024