PerformX Live 2023 kicked off with a jam-packed day of content. Here are our hottest takes from day 1 – Friday 17 March!

PerformX Live,, is THE event for gym owners and fitness professionals who are serious about fitness, wellbeing, and performance. PerformX always delivers a mix of educational sessions from the industry’s finest, challenging workouts, and a showcase of the latest tech, experiences and innovations changing the industry.

Here’s our run down of the top 5 hot takes for gym owners and operators from the first day of PerformX Live, Friday 17 March 2023.

Hot take #1: Focus has shifted to wellbeing

Historically, the health and fitness industry has been focused on physical activity. In the keynote opening to the ukactive Sweat x PerformX content stream, delivered by inspirational trainer, author and presenter, Laura Hoggins, the shift towards focusing on health and wellbeing was identified as a key trend from the past year.

This was also a topic covered in the Unlocking Your Competitive Edge Through Innovation, Sustainability, And Business Development panel. Hosted by leading industry expert Guy Griffiths, 4 fantastic panellists joined together to discuss this topic: Joanna Seldon from Nuffield Health, Charlton Clarke from Les Mills UK, Toby Robins from the British Association for Sustainable Sport, and Xplor’s own Dave Alstead.

The panel spoke about the shift towards wellbeing, as well as fitness, with the need to provide education to help consumers move, eat, and recover better. Plus, the significant opportunity to work closer with healthcare providers and clinicians – if our industry can better prove our impact and measure the social ROI of working together.

Hot take #2: Use data to personalise experiences

During the ukactive Sweat at PerformX content stream, there was much discussion of the need to create personalised experiences. This was a topic during the unmissable CEOs panel which included the likes of David Stalker from Myzone, Andy Hall from Brand Xchange, and David Birch from Endurance Zone.

Gyms and fitness clubs have a wealth of data available. To use it effectively, clubs should focus on creating personalised experiences for members. Tailored experiences that encourage members to visit frequently.

Using technology, like gym management software, you can make using your data to create personalised experiences simpler. Focus on delivering the basics well and using technology to achieve new levels of operational excellence.

Hot take #3: Inclusive gamification

Another topic at the CEO panel was gamification. Gamification can boost engagement and drive retention.

Fitness challenges are an easy entry point into gamification for gyms and fitness clubs. Members are rewarded for taking part. These can really help build a community by getting members to engage with one another. But often they focus on who is the fastest or fittest. Owners and operators should look to create more inclusive challenges to include those just starting on their fitness & wellbeing journey.

Hot take #4: Create a value proposition you can live by

This was a big topic discussed during the panel session on unlocking your competitive edge. Sustainability expert, Toby Robins from the British Association for Sustainable Sport, explained that consumers want to buy from businesses that share their values. And education can be used to showcase your values and inspire your community to support your business.

This was reiterated by Dave Alstead, Head of Strategic Account Management at Xplor. Dave explained that many of Xplor’s most successful customers, of all shapes and sizes, focus on a clear value proposition. Successful owners and operators don’t deviate from their value proposition.

Hot take #5: Your Facebook Ads are not about you

Taking over the PerformX Stage later in the day, Charlie Horton, Marketing Director at  Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA). This was a must attend session for gym owners and coaches alike. With loads of great takeaways to help you maximise your Facebook ad campaigns.

Charlie explained that Facebook Ads should be used to build a continuous stream of leads that sales teams can follow up on. But it’s important to remember that ads are not about your business, they are about your prospect. Tailor ads to appeal deeply to specific target audiences. Messaging and imagery should resonate with the solution to the problem you want to help prospects solve.

Bring on day 2!

It’s fair to say that Day 1 of PerformX was a massive success. We can’t wait for Day 2. Will you be there? Check out our complete guide to PerformX Live for our pick of the top highlights for gym owners and operators.

And stop by the Xplor Refuel Lounge for a coffee and chat with our team. You can even recharge your phone at the same time!

Can’t make it tomorrow? No problem, stay tuned and we’ll post our full list of hot takes from PerformX Live 2023 next week.

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 17 March 2023

Last updated: 02 February 2024