Working with separate gym software and payments partners? You may be experiencing some common challenges other gym owners and operators face. Read on and find out why it might be time to switch to a single partner.

When you’re running a gym there’s a lot to handle every day. Want to grow your business? You’ll need to find ways to streamline and automate time-consuming (and boring!) tasks wherever you can.

If you work with separate software and membership payments partners, it’s likely you’re facing some challenges. Time-consuming challenges. Ones that could be holding back your ability retain members and grow your business.

Sound familiar? In this article, we’ll look at the biggest signs it might be time to change to an all-in-one partner offering software, payments, and more!

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4 signs it’s time to switch

Disconnect. This is the biggest challenge owners and operators face working with separate partners for software and billing.

With one partner collecting membership fees, and one providing gym management software, there’s no through line. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

This disconnect is often the cause of and accompanied by other challenges. Challenges that are signs it’s time to take action:

  1. Data inaccuracies – With data stored across 2 (or more) databases, it’s common to find conflicting information. This makes it tough to understand how your business is performing
  2. Lack of integration – Integration between your software and payments platform can be patchy, delayed, and incomplete. And that means you may not see exactly what’s happening with member payments when you look in your software
  3. Wasted time – Working with two partners usually means two sets of briefs, two sets of calls for updates, and two sets of reports to analyse. So, it can quickly become time-consuming. Especially if you’re experiencing data inaccuracies or integration challenges
  4. Poor member experience – This disconnect can filter through to your members. Impacting their experience with your club. For example, if a member missed then catches up on a payment and tries to access your club before your software is updated, entry may be denied

Benefits of moving to an all-in-one software partner

If you’re experiencing any (or all!) of those challenges, it’s time to take action.

Find a single partner who can offer you membership payments embedded within your gym management software. And you’ll remove this disconnect.

With all-in-one gym management software from a partner, like Xplor Gym, you’ll see benefits including:

Greater insight & visibility

A single partner lets you see real-time, complete membership information in one place. Including detailed information around member billing and payments. With this level of detail you can identify action needed fast and proactively engage members.

Seamless integrations

A single partner removes the disconnect and any integration challenges. All payments and pending Direct Debits are managed from the same single database. No delays, no missing details.

Plus, your all-in-one solution should make managing access to your club simple. With access control rules powered by live, accurate data, it will be easy for members to use their membership.

More flexibility and control

Having one intuitive solution means you can independently make changes to packages and run offers. You can act fast to create new membership options and run timely campaigns.

Members also have more control to update their bank details as needed and catch up on missed payments online. Ultimate convenience!

Accurate decision making

A single, complete member view eliminates delays in receiving data. As well as inconsistencies and inaccuracies in reporting.

You’ll be able to use the dashboard and reporting tools in your software to measure and forecast performance. So, you can make informed business decisions quickly and effectively. All based on trusted, accurate data.

A better member experience

Importantly, a single payment and software partner helps you provide a better member experience.

There will be no confusion over whether membership payments have been successful. And no problems with automated access controls due to out-of-date information.

Happy members will stick with your club for longer. Boosting retention to power business growth.

Xplor Gym gives me the data I need as a gym owner to understand how my business is performing.

As well as reliably showing when members have paid, I can see when a Direct Debit fails. I can also use the email and SMS automation tools to let those who’ve stopped paying before their membership has ended know and explain what to do next.

This makes it easier to provide a positive experience without needing to charge for failed payments.

It’s better leave a good impression when a member chooses to leave as they are more likely to return in the future, creating a trustworthy business within the community.“

Andy Little, Managing Director of Green Gym Group

More time to run your business

All these benefits add up to more time for you to focus on running your fitness business. Go further by choosing a partner who can support your members for you with billing and payments queries.

With Xplor Gym, you’ll have trusted payments tech and an expert team acting as an extension of your business. That includes a UK-based team of customer service specialists in our state-of-the-art contact centre.

This experienced team takes a personalised approach to meet the needs of your business and members. They’ll be there to handle payments questions for you. Keeping your members happy and actively using your club for longer.

The wrap up…

Working with separate gym software and membership billing partners can lead to a disconnect. A disconnect that results in inaccurate data, missing information, a poor member experience, and a load of wasted time.

By switching to an all-in-one gym management solution that includes embedded payments you’ll eliminate the disconnect and realise some big benefits.

You’ll have accurate, detailed information to help you run your business and for informed decision making. Streamlined member experiences. Support for members with payment and billing queries. More time to focus on growing your business. The list goes on!

Join other ambitious, innovative gyms and fitness clubs and make the switch to Xplor Gym. We’d love to learn more about your business and see what we can do to help you – request a demo today.  

Article by Xplor Gym

First published: 17 June 2024

Last updated: 17 June 2024