Keep members coming back

Ever feel tempted to ignore retention and just focus on signing up new members? You wouldn’t be alone!

For many gym owners and operators, it feels easier to focus on acquisition. Yet, if you’re serious about growing your business you need to focus on attrition and retention.

We’re here to help. In partnership with industry experts, including Guy Griffiths (GGFit) and Julie Allen (Active Insight), we’re bringing you the ULTIMATE resource to tackle attrition.

In Winning The War On Attrition, you’ll get:

  • Up-to-date attrition trends from across the UK fitness & wellbeing industry
  • Tactical takeaways and strategies to overcome widespread retention hurdles
  • Expert insights and advice to avoid common pitfalls

Attrition matters

Want to achieve lasting business growth and become more profitable? Tackling attrition is essential.

Attrition is a measure of how many members cancel in a given week, month, quarter, or year.

Reduce the number of members leaving (attrition) and you’ll increase the amount of time members stay with you (retention). And that means you’ll boost member life time value.

Plus, you’ll cut the need to constantly sign-up new members which can be costly. So, you’ll save money and grow your profitability.

The most comprehensive research

To win the war on attrition you need complete, accurate data to hand – and more of it too. The Winning The War On Attrition report is packed full of industry-wide trends.

Using Xplor data, we’ve analysed why 370,000+ gym, fitness and health club members in the UK and Ireland cancelled over a 6+ year period.

Key findings include:

  • Over half of cancellations happen silently – members quietly quit without telling clubs why
  • More members are cancelling for cost-related reasons in 2022 and early-2023 compared to previous years
  • Members typically stop visiting 5 months before cancelling
  • Inductions can increase length of stay by 4 months, but are often falling short of expectations

Get the full insights, and many more, plus find out how to track using your gym management software and tackle member attrition in your fitness business in the report.

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